Monday, August 27, 2018

Butterflyway Project

The Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative is partnering with Windsor residents and institutions to create a "butterflyway" downtown Windsor!

A butterflyway is a neighbourhood-scale corridor of habitat for butterflies, bees and beneficial insects. These habitats are being created in the form of butterfly gardens, each certified as a "Monarch Waystation" by the organization Monarch Watch. This butterflyway is important because some of our native bees and butterflies, like the Monarch butterfly, have become endangered due to loss of habitat. Butterfly gardens are also beautiful and vibrant additions to the neighbourhood!

Our short term goal is to help create a dozen butterfly gardens within our project area, in order to become recognized by the David Suzuki Foundation.

Want to join the butterflyway? You can plant a butterfly garden in your yard and the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative can help. Contact
Following is map of our habitats; some are new and in-development while others are thriving already.